Am I Ready?

Practice. Perform. Get on Stage. Practice. Write. Write. Write.   Hard work and lots of it. That's what being a comedian means. Here's what I know, I know I love being on stage. I know that being a comedian is who I am and what I want to be. I know that it takes a … Continue reading Am I Ready?

It’s Been Awhile..

I went from writing once a week to not at all. Have you missed me? I miss writing, more importantly I miss having something to write about. If you haven't already heard, GoodFellas has shut down. What exactly does this mean other than not having a place to go for good pizza and beer? It … Continue reading It’s Been Awhile..

Being Funny Isn’t Easy

Why did the chicken cross the road? Knock Knock... A blonde walks into a bar.. Jokes, they're funny but being a comic is more than telling jokes. From knock knock jokes to puns to one liners, there are a ton of different ways to tell a joke. However, getting up on stage and being a … Continue reading Being Funny Isn’t Easy

Big Laughs, Big Cause

Laughing, it's a good thing. Not only does it mean you're happy, but it is good for your health. Laughing decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain, at least that's … Continue reading Big Laughs, Big Cause

Nerves…Maybe They’re A Good Thing

Week after week I write about how nervous I get before I get on stage and while I am on stage. Week after week I question why I get so nervous, why I am not getting more comfortable, but I am learning that maybe it is a good thing. I have been reading a lot … Continue reading Nerves…Maybe They’re A Good Thing


Why am I doing this? Am I good enough? Why do I suck? Will I ever get better? Why won't the nerves go away? Self doubt. How do I handle it? Every Tuesday I head out to GoodFellas for MoonCat Comedy's open mic night. I know what to expect. You would think that I wouldn't … Continue reading Disappointment

What Is Funny?

What does it mean to be funny? According to, funny means "providing fun; causing amusement or laughter; amusing; comical." If you ask me, being funny is the best way to cope with anything. In the definition it says being funny causes laughter. I get on stage every week in hopes to get some laughs, … Continue reading What Is Funny?

Being Prepared Doesn’t Always Matter

It's open mic night. I'm ready. I have a good amount of new content prepared and I am feeling good. I've been writing a lot since my last time on stage and I know what I want to say. At least that is how I felt midday. It's funny, I think I know what I … Continue reading Being Prepared Doesn’t Always Matter

A Room For Me

Comedy is something I have always loved. From going to shows, to watching specials on Netflix and YouTube and now getting on the stage myself, comedy is a part of who I am. For Christmas this year my kids (and Lauren) bought me tickets to see Jim Jeffries. If you aren't familiar with him, you … Continue reading A Room For Me

One Month Down

It's been one month since I first got on stage. It's been one month since I got the balls to stand up and tell some jokes. It's been one month and I still get nervous as hell and getting on that stage isn't getting any easier. But hey, it's been one month and I feel … Continue reading One Month Down