It’s Been Awhile..

I went from writing once a week to not at all.

Have you missed me?

I miss writing, more importantly I miss having something to write about.

If you haven’t already heard, GoodFellas has shut down. What exactly does this mean other than not having a place to go for good pizza and beer? It means that MoonCat Comedy lost a place for comics to perform.

You see, GoodFellas was nice enough to open their doors to us comics and our fans and friends, but now with the restaurant being closed, we have no where to go. Which ultimately means, no open mics… until we can find another host.

Where exactly does this leave me? I’m not sure. I am still writing, probably not as much as I should be or want to, but I do still write. I need to get back up on stage. I don’t want to get out of practice but more importantly, I miss it.

Being on stage is like being on drugs. I get up there and nothing matters, any problems I might have simply disappear. Once off the stage, the feeling stays with me. I wouldn’t quite say it’s the same as being “high on life” but it is pretty damn close if not better. It makes me feel good about myself (well usually, sometimes I have a bad night and I question everything… but let’s not think about that right now). Anyway, I miss it.

MoonCat Comedy is looking for a host. We need a host. Where on Delmarva can you go just to get some laughs and escape life for a few hours? MoonCat comedy allows you to do that, as long as we have somewhere to go.

So do me a favor, do MoonCat a favor… if you know of a place that might open their doors to a few comics once a week, let me know!



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