Being Funny Isn’t Easy

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Knock Knock…

A blonde walks into a bar..

Jokes, they’re funny but being a comic is more than telling jokes.

From knock knock jokes to puns to one liners, there are a ton of different ways to tell a joke. However, getting up on stage and being a comic isn’t just telling a few jokes. Imagine having to tell knock knock jokes for 5 minutes, could you do it? Could you go on for five minutes telling a bunch of blonde jokes or puns? Do you think you could keep the attention of one person for that long? How about a room full of people? Do you think you could make them laugh the entire time? That’s just five minutes, what about the comics that are on stage for 30 minutes or an hour. Do you think you could do it? Maybe you can do it, but do you think it would be easy? I can tell you, it’s not.

I will admit being on stage for five minutes does go by fast, but I also can tell you that during those five minutes making people laugh the entire time is not easy. Every day I try to write down my thoughts, feelings, jokes. I write about what I am doing, what I see, different things that happen and even just random ideas that I have. Is everything I write funny? No, not at all. I then have to take those thoughts and make them funny.

But how? How do I take something serious from my life and make people laugh from it? No, not everything I do is serious, some things do come slightly easier than others. It’s just the whole process, putting it all together, making it flow and making people laugh. Man just thinking about putting together a set can cause stress.

There are weeks where I feel like I can write a lot but can’t make any of it worth talking about. There are other weeks where I can’t write anything and those weeks suck. Trying to make content when I feel like I don’t have any new content… yeah I don’t even want to think about that. Then there are weeks where I have a good amount of content and I just need to figure out how to put it all together.

I can tell you this, whether I am fully prepared or not, getting on that stage and making people laugh is a whole different thing. I might think I am funny. My girlfriend and friends might think I am funny, but do they think I am funny just because they want to be supportive or am I actually funny? Why when I think I have everything good to go don’t I get the laughs I want? Why when my ideas are a mess do I get laughs that I don’t expect? One thing I am learning, don’t have expectations. It sucks being let down.

I try to have new content every time I get on stage. I don’t want to repeat my jokes, at least not yet. I am still new at this. I am still learning. I write every day and put together new content so that I can get a feel for what is funny and what works. I record every time I get on stage so I can go back and see what makes people laugh. I want to re-work some jokes that are funny but could be better. I want to figure out what went wrong on the jokes that didn’t work out as I hoped. I want to tweak and edit and make it so that every joke gets a laugh.

So no, it isn’t easy, but the work is worth it.


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