One Month Down

It’s been one month since I first got on stage. It’s been one month since I got the balls to stand up and tell some jokes. It’s been one month and I still get nervous as hell and getting on that stage isn’t getting any easier. But hey, it’s been one month and I feel great!

In the past week I have really been making myself public. I have been tracking this whole experience on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and of course this blog. It wasn’t until last week that I decided to “go public”. In just a week I have had so much support from family and friends that it is sort of overwhelming. I like it, hell I love it, but it’s all crazy to me at the same time.

A month ago I was so unhappy. I like my job but at the same time I know it isn’t what I want to do with the rest of my life. A month ago I was in a routine that drained me. I never expected to be getting on stage, I just assumed I’d be watching YouTube videos at night and working during the day. You know, that same routine I had been stuck in. Now it’s almost like there is meaning to my life. I am inspired, and it’s not just for myself, it’s for you and all the people reading and watching. I just hope that I can make you laugh or smile. Hell, maybe you can even relate and I can help push you to not only chase your dreams but achieve them.

Ok, enough with all the mushy stuff. I am sure you want to hear about this week’s performance at GoodFellas with MoonCat Comedy. Well, it went as expected. I was a hot, nervous mess. I felt unprepared and had no idea what I was going to do. At one point I even said “maybe this is how it is going to be, maybe I am just going to suck every other week.” I had some ideas, just not solid thoughts that I felt confident going on stage with. With a little last minute scrambling I was able to piece some things together, I knew what I was going to do.

Still not feeling confident, I was the second comedian to get on stage. It was a rough start. I started talking about being a hypochondriac, but I didn’t quite know where I was going with the story once I started. I was able to get away from that story and moved on to what I call “unmotivational quotes,” and that’s where I feel like I hit the spot. That’s where I got the laughs I was looking for. Well if you ask me, I didn’t think it was great, but people who saw me told me that it was funny. So we’re going to go with that.

One thing I noticed tonight was some people had comments while I was on stage, comments that weren’t always good. You can hear it in the video, someone says “who cares” at one point. I know I will not always have positive feedback, and I actually look forward to that. So if you have anything negative to say, please say it, if anything it’ll give me more content for the next time I am on stage. And with that, I’ll see you next week at GoodFellas for MoonCat Comedy’s open mic night!


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