A Good Laugh for a Good Cause

Every week people get together at GoodFellas in Milton, DE for good food, drinks and laughs. What you might not know, it’s more than the food, drinks and laughs, it’s for a good cause.


MoonCat Comedy’s open mic night is free to enjoy, all they simply ask is for a donation, big or small. Here recently donations have been going to the Alana Rose Foundation. What is the Alana Rose Foundation? According to their website, “The Alana Rose Foundation works to provide financial assistance to help with travel, housing and/or living expenses for qualified families, making children happier and healthier by keeping their family together.” What does this mean? The foundation helps families who have sick children, usually with a terminal illness, to be able to spend time together. It allows parents to stay home from work to be with their child, it helps with medical expenses or travel expenses. It basically allows the family to stay together and not have to worry about life, just each other and the time that they have together.

Courtesy: The Alana Rose Foundation

The story of Alana Rose is a hard one to tell. I know I won’t do justice by re-telling her story, but if you would like to read more I strongly suggest you visit Alana’s Story.

Can’t make it to open mic night but still want to donate, you can donate online.

I will say getting up on stage to tell jokes after talking about sick children doesn’t make me feel so funny, but I am glad that my joke telling (along with the other comics) is helping a great organization.


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