This Time, I am NOT Drinking

I think we can all agree that last week was not my greatest up on that stage. I was hungover and not prepared. I beat myself up over my performance last week, so much in fact that when I got home I sat down and wrote. I wrote for at least an hour. I planned out an entire set. My idea was to memorize that set, tweak it throughout the week, make it perfect. I would not go to another open mic without having anything prepared.

As the week went on I revisited what I wrote, but it just didn’t seem good enough. The more I read it and went over it, it was funny but it just wasn’t right. I did some other writing like I always do, I even dabbled with some poetry. After a pretty interesting weekend, I knew what I wanted to do, I just needed to figure out how to do it.

It’s Tuesday. I spend the entire day working on what I am going to say when I get one stage at GoodFellas for MoonCat Comedy‘s Open Mic Night. I am a bundle of nerves all day long. I can’t stop thinking about getting on that stage. Will people think I am funny? Am I going to forget everything I want to say? Will I do something stupid? There are so many different things that I could do or could happen that could fuck up my set. I just want to be funny, I just want people to laugh at what I say. I want tonight to be a success.

It’s time to go. Thanks to my mom for coming over and watching the kids. This week, my friend Mike is tagging along. It will be his first time seeing me on stage. I think that brings a whole new set of nerves. As usual, Lauren will also be by my side and making sure to record my performance.


We get to GoodFellas, I go over my notes, my palms are sweaty, my heart is racing,  I am nervous as fuck. Lauren even says that she thinks this is the most nervous she has seen me. I don’t think any amount of preparation will take the nerves away. We draw numbers, I am 5th to perform. I know I’ve said this before, but I want to stay sober this week. The nerves are too much, I decide to have a beer, you know to calm my nerves.

My name is called, I get up on stage, no turning back now.

I did it. I got the laughs, I got an applause, it went great. I could feel the energy from the crowd and I think it amped me up even more. People are even coming up to me telling me how good I did and what they liked. This feeling, it’s more than a high, this is the feeling I want and crave. Now… just to figure out how to top it next week.




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