Branching Out

Up until this point I haven’t really mentioned this whole comedy thing to anyone. I’ve told Lauren and my mom.

Lauren has been great. She is encouraging and very supportive. She has helped me set up all of my social media, she records me every time I get on stage and she listens when I come up with things I want to talk about. I’ve mentioned Lauren in some other posts, and I am sure you are all wondering who she is; well that’s hard to explain. So let’s just say she is a good friend who I happen to live with. She annoys the hell out of me, but when she isn’t being  pain in the ass, she isn’t so bad.

I’ve already explained how my mom reacted when I told her, all good responses. I feel like I am ready to tell more people. In fact, I told one of my best friends, Mike. He is also being super supportive, even wants to help go over some jokes.

I think a part of me was afraid to tell people, afraid to see how they’d react. So far it’s all been positive feedback. I know I will probably have some friends who are skeptical or think it is a joke, but screw them, I will prove them wrong.

In telling Mike, I asked him to join me to go and see LoDel Live. What is LoDel Live? I guess you could call it a variety show type of thing. Their event page describes it as “ART, MUSIC, POETRY, COMEDY all in one place for a spectacular evening of original performances.” It takes place Monday nights at The Milton Theatre. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend going.

I did not get on stage for this show, I just wanted to see it and experience it. Performances here tend to be slightly longer compared to when  I get on stage with MoonCat Comedy, I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for this stage. I had a good time though. Lots of laughs, good music, drinks and just a good time in general.

Another experience down. I am learning new things every day. Now to get ready for my next time on stage at GoodFellas in Milton, Delaware for Open Mic Night with MoonCat Comedy.



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